Lines of Credit offer a unique way of financing that allow for businesses to grow.

What is Line of Credit?

Our revolving business line of credit (LOCs) is one of our most popular financing options. The main benefit with this financing option is that that you are provided access to a predetermined sum of money (while staying in the driver’s seat!). Every draw offers a credit limit, which enables you to access the required amount whenever necessary. Interest and fees are charged solely on the borrowed amount, and not on the entire credit line.

Natadore Fund is the premier lender when it comes to providing flexible credit lines for businesses to manage cash flow and grow operations. Our rates and terms are competitive, and we offer customized options, including secured and unsecured credit lines, to fit your budget and needs.

Why Natadore Fund’s Line of Credit (LOC)?

Fully Amortized

 Natadore Fund’s line of credit offers fast and easy access to funds for unexpected expenses, growth opportunities, and new ventures. Our flexible financing helps you succeed financially.

personalized Solutions

Our financial experts provide personalized financing advice to suit your business needs. We understand your unique situation and offer tailored solutions. Our application process is fast and straightforward, ensuring prompt access to funds.

Commitment to Success

Natadore Fund is dedicated to your business success. Beyond financing, we offer knowledge, resources, and expertise to help achieve your goals. Get started by filling our 1-minute free quote form. Our team will provide a no-obligation quote that meets your budget and needs.

How Do I Apply for a LOC?

While some lenders and brokers require a large amount of paperwork, our documentation is simple and straightforward. Our fully amortized line of credit is made to be simple. While every business owner’s situation and needs are unique, we typically only require a verification form and 3 months of business bank statements.

To officially get started on your line of credit application, click the button above (or simply click here). We typically are able to approve qualified businesses in as a little as 24 – 48 hours upon submission. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (571) 210-2751.